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'Seoul, a 1st Class Welfare City' SEOUL WELFARE FOUNDATION

Social welfare service is starting from the consideration and respect for human being.
'Seoul' a home for ten million citizens!
Seoul Welfare Foundation will do its best to establish 'Welfare Seoul'
where Seoul citizens are able to reside in healthy and comfortable environment.

Thank you very much for your visit to our homepage.
Established by Seoul Metropolitan City in 2004 for the purpose to enhance the welfare of citizen,
Seoul Welfare Foundation has been actively reflecting the voices from the social welfare sites
to the municipal policy and improving the professionalism and efficiency of social welfare administration as well.

Following recent economic growth, rapid increase in old-age population, rising demand for qualified life, etc.,
citizens' demand for welfare tends to be very diverse day by day.
Along with the change of existing quantitative welfare paradigm into qualitative pattern,
it is time for us to cope with new welfare demands like employment for old-age and
social participation by handicapped people as well as customized welfare required by users.
Seoul Welfare Foundation is endeavoring to enhance and advance the welfare service level
to satisfy the new welfare environment, establishing the foundation for Seoul - the 'Top Class Welfare City'.

We firmly promise to do our best for the materialization of 'Seoul as the First-Class Community Free Space'
by developing the future-oriented, productive welfare policy, preparing reasonable standard for
welfare facility operation/service along with its activated management, and establishing the Welfare
Global Network, etc.
We will realize step by step our faith that the pride of Seoul might originate from its welfare level.

Thank you.